Wolf In The Flesh Author’s Powerful Introduction

In 2016, I was influenced by a close friend of mine to write a short novella entitled “Wolf in the Flesh” about two warring anthropomorphic clans: Canis lupus (wolves) and Ovis aries (sheep). Without giving too much away, I will include the story synopsis and the Amazon link to the book. As of writing this, the book is only available in kindle ebook form, but will expand to paperback, hardback, and audiobook by the end of the year. Thank you for checking out this article, and a big thank you if you decide to purchase the ebook.

Wolf In The Flesh Kindle Synopsis

Growing up, Sharpe always knew there was something different about him—something not quite right. He couldn’t understand why he had to put on wool every day before leaving his home when everyone else in the Sheep clan had their own. He was always malnourished and tired. Sometimes, an unstoppable urge to escape would bubble up inside him, and he’d run away, even if it is for a short while.A short while would be all it took to forget about feeling like an outcast.

This short while was a time that he could count on, to just be himself. Until one day, he hears a strange and hauntingly familiar call in the distance. He goes to investigate. But as it seems, some things are better left unknown. The struggles of clashing identities wrack Sharpe’s mind as he is made to choose between the blissful lie of a life he lived, and the harsh reality he now knows. Is there ever a time when the matters of the heart outweigh the differences between wolf’s fur and sheep’s wool?

Kindle KDP Link: https://amzn.to/3lLAUsM

Wolf In The Flesh Additional Notes

Wolf in the Flesh is a compelling novel that tells the story of Sharpe, a young “sheep” who has always felt out of place in his community. Sharpe is different, and he knows it. He struggles with his identity and his place in the world, as he questions whether he truly belongs with his fellow sheep or if he is meant to be something else entirely.

Growing up, Sharpe always knew that he was different. He felt a constant sense of unease, as though he didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the sheep in his clan. He was always malnourished and tired, and he couldn’t understand why he had to wear wool every day, while everyone else had their own fur. Despite these differences, Sharpe tried to conform to the expectations of his community. He tried to blend in and hide his true self, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more to his existence.

One of the most compelling aspects of Wolf in the Flesh is the way in which it explores the theme of identity. The novel raises important questions about what it means to be true to oneself, even when it means going against the expectations of others. It highlights the struggles that individuals face when they are forced to choose between their own desires and the demands of their society.